Portrait and Signature Photo Sessions, specializing in telling your story and bringing it to life through photos. 

Providing beautiful pieces of artwork for your home, not just pictures on your wall.

Based in Santa Fe, Texas.

Serving Houston and Galveston Areas.


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Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

Natasha Snyder



In 50 Years, the MOST Photographed Generation in History will Have NO PHOTOS.

PRINT what YOU want to PRESERVE. ♥





I have always loved art, and being able to create things. I love to create stories from the imagination and share those stories with others.  More Importantly, I love to be able to create other's stories so that they can share their story visually ♥  One thing I have learned on my journey through photography is that everyone has a story.  Your family, friends, work, ect.  Your life is a story.  And that is what I love to do.  Capture just that.  Your story.  

So tell me!  I want to connect with you!  Let's create your session and give you images you will fall in love with!

Be Blessed and Be a Blessing!

Natasha Snyder


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A Few Kind Words From Clients.....

"My family and I had an amazing experience with Natasha. She was warm and work great to get the attention of our 1 year old, which isn't so easy. She made us feel very comfortable, we absolutely enjoyed the whole experience. From watching the process, and from being part of it too. I had my parents with us and they had a great time, even when they were not the main focus of the photoshoot. Natasha went the extra mile to gift me something very special to me. The pictures came out great! We absolutely loved them! If you want a whole top experience I will definitely recommend booking with Natasha. Plus, like me , you may learn so much just from talking to her." - Julieta Avila


"One of the BEST photographers I've ever had the pleasure of working with. She's so much fun, and puts your comfort above all else. I would recommend her to ANYONE." - Lauren Hart


"Natasha was fabulous when she photographed Dallas. She was patient, sweet, and really made the whole session a lot of fun. I will definitely be coming back to Natasha Snyder Photography and sending referrals her way. Thanks Natasha!!" - Kristin Parrish


"Natasha knows exactly how to capture the moment and turn it into an incredible piece of art! I am so thankful for her passion for photography. She goes above and beyond! The fact that she gets to know you and your personality says a lot about her business. She studies and researches the theme of the shoot. She also takes her time and everything else falls into place when she transforms your image into a beautiful piece of art. Natasha is a natural artist who believes in the power of creativity! She will make your dreams a reality!" - Tiffany Zeitouni