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January 10, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

It is the year of 2023!  And guess what?!  That makes Natasha Snyder Photography Officially 10 years in business!  10 years of amazing sessions.  I have been so thankful for the 10 years and during those 10 years, I have learned and invested so much to be able to give back to my clients.  

So what is New for 2023?

A Studio!  Yes!  As you know, here we have the outdoor studio built on the farm – making it perfect for sessions with lots of different backdrops.  Greenhouse, vintage truck, Pond, Dock is just a few of the backdrops provided to name a few here.  But now we are adding on an indoor studio.  It has been a dream for the last few years, and finally it is coming to pass.  With a studio I can now provide beautiful indoor studio portraits, cake smashes, newborns and so much more.

With the new studio, you will be able to come in for your consultation before your session, pick out outfits, style your session to the fullest, look at all the beautiful products available and come enjoy your reveal of your portrait session as well as order your artwork. The studio also makes it very nice for those rainy seasons as well as humid and super hot seasons… which we have here in Texas for about half the year!

When will the studio be done?

We started last month, and my husband and I have been working our tails off to work on getting the studio finished by the end of this month!  Studio sessions will be offered very shortly as well as I will be needing models to come to showcase the new styles I will be offering for this year.  Make sure you subscribe if you have not yet to be the first in the loop to know!

In Addition to the Indoor Studio...

In addition to the indoor studio here on the farm, is my farm kitchen that will be holding baking sessions with farm animals.  These sessions will take place in my home, with the perfect vintage background, which of course is my home kitchen.  If you don’t know, I am a bit of vintage/antique/farm obsessed.  These sessions have been an absolute blast as all the Littles absolutely love playing with baby farm animals.  The baking series sessions will be available come March, when all the births around the farm start to take place.


Farm Animals?

Yep.  Farm Animals.  My past clients and those that know me, know that I live on a farm.  The outdoor studio now sits in my once before horse and cattle pastures.  As we may not have large livestock anymore since we traded for the outdoor studio, we still do have all the smaller livestock!  What are the smaller animals?  Goats, chickens, ducks and soon turkey will be introduced to the flock.  What does that mean for you?  I absolutely love the excitement a child has when petting the animals or playing with a baby chick.  Even the older children (Yep even the adult children) love holding a chicken or loving on a baby goat.  We are known for including animals into our portraits.  In addition to our own animals we provide for portraits here on the farm, you are also welcome to bring your pet as well!  And that includes your farm pet!  We are a farm of course.  We also have a wrap around driveway that makes it super simple and easy for those that want to haul in their big pets (Horses, cows, sheep ect.)  And we have had them all here on the farm.  Seniors get to showcase their FFA or 4-H projects that they have worked so hard with for the year.  Or bring their horse which is their best friend to be with them in their portraits with the beautiful backgrounds here on the farm. 

What else is new?

This year Natasha Snyder Photography has now transitioned to a full service photographer!  What does that mean for you?  That means you are taken care of from the very start to the end, leaving with beautiful artwork to hang, or have in your home. Digitals are great,, but I believe portraits are not finished until they are printed masterpieces!  You don’t want your memories trapped behind a 5” screen or stuck somewhere in the cloud.  Print what you want to preserve. And that is now what we are providing for you!  Your session is also completely tailored and custom made for you.  All the worrying from what to where, what type of session, where to go is all answered leaving you excited for the day of your shoot. I am excited to work with everyone this season and excited to see all the sessions we can create together!



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