The Cutest Safari Duo

March 06, 2023  •  Leave a Comment

The Cutest Safari Duo - A Boy and a Baby Calf as a Lion


I have been so blessed to make some amazing friendships through photography.  And one of those amazing friendships is the Momma to this young man right here.  I asked her if I could use her as a model for maternity portraits to update my website a few years ago and our friendship never ended there.  One thing I absolutely love about her, is she gets just as crazy ideas as I do and we are able to implement them together.  The fact that her son is just perfect in front of the camera makes implementing those crazy ideas even better. And even better, none of us think either one of our ideas our crazy and genuinely get excited about them.  

When she messaged me with this idea earlier this year for her son’s 2nd birthday, I was all aboard.  And super excited.  And mom set the entire shoot up for me this round, all I had to do was show up and pray all elements would work together. She provided the outfit, (which she sewn up herself), stuffed animals and friend of the family had the baby calf. Oh, and the lions mane… Dog costume for Halloween did the trick!  (We did have to wait a bit for a baby calf to show up).

This sweet young man is nothing less than an animal lover, so hanging out with this baby calf was right up his alley.  He is pretty much always all smiles unless hungry, or you take his chicken away from him.  Yes, a real chicken. Farm boy problems right?



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