So very excited to be starting a children’s photo series inspired by popular Disney movies with one of my photography brothers, John Sherman!  The idea is to show the contrast between what we (the adults) see and what our children see while playing make believe.  We are accomplishing this in two parts.  John will be showing true life beautiful images of what the adults see while kids are playing make believe, as I will showing images that show the true imagination of children see while playing! I will be posting all images here as we are continuing the Disney Series, so keep checking in! 


As each photo in the series is completed, John Sherman will be adding photos to his albums here…  J Sherman Photography/ Facebook Page   I encourage you to go to the link of J Sherman Photography’s Facebook page, click like and follow his work to keep up with the progress of his images in the series as he adds them! ♥

Also check out his webpage here!...



Beauty & the Beast


Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast Beauty and the Beast